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- Nov 06, 2017 -

Industrial Wireless sensor network products for the system-class products, that includes the field wireless sensor, data forwarding gateway and monitoring host, and other integrated solutions. Because of the low cost, large scope, flexible layout, mobile support and other characteristics, WIRELESS SENSORS industrial wireless sensor network products in the mechanical parameters detection, industrial monitoring, intelligent power, mine safety, medical health, environmental monitoring and other industries have been widely respected; At the same time, industrial wireless sensor network products are also facing the extension of node working time, Increase communication distance, miniaturization, standardization and other technical challenges and find application scenarios and other market challenges.

Changes from the wired network to the wireless network will accelerate the growth of wireless sensor networks, with wireless sensor networks that can reach a wider, WIRELESS SENSORS more resilient and scalable application than wired networks. With the rapid development of wireless sensor network technology in recent years, more and more wireless sensor network products have been put into use. At present, WIRELESS SENSORS wireless sensor network products are mainly used to detect and monitor the two parts of the market.

Wireless sensor network products in the detection market are mainly used in national defense research, universities, professional research and testing institutions and large-scale equipment manufacturing several areas. In these areas of detection, wireless sensor network products are relatively low-cost, WIRELESS SENSORS high flexibility and wide application scenarios such as cable products, wireless alternative cable has shown the future trend of development.

Similarly, the research institutes of our country also have the problem of relative backwardness of the experimental equipment. In the future, with the development of education industry in our country, the purchasing demand of related teaching equipment and experimental equipment will be enlarged rapidly, and the market foreground of sensor is broad; China is increasing the development of testing industry, WIRELESS SENSORS and the demand of infrastructure construction such as highway, railway and bridge is increasing continuously. So that professional research and testing agencies to detect the need for sensors to increase, WIRELESS SENSORS with the development of intelligent manufacturing, China's high-end large-scale equipment needs more and more. The test device can effectively reduce product development cycle, improve product quality and reduce product cost. WIRELESS SENSORS Detection sensor has gradually become a large-scale equipment manufacturers in the process of product development testing product stability requirements, WIRELESS SENSORS so detection sensors in the field of large-scale equipment manufacturing market will show an upward trend.