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Wireless Light Switch Electric Frequency Identification Technology
- Nov 02, 2017 -

With the continuous development of society, technology is also rising, and now wireless remote control switch is used in our daily life in every corner, such as: home, radio switch hotel, shopping center, hospital, warehouse, office and other Local lighting control using electrical control, I believe we have no strange wireless remote control switch, radio switch, but most people's wireless remote control switch is not very understanding of the working principle, the following Xiaobian infinite remote control switch specific introduction, we hope to learn the role The

Before understanding the principles of wireless remote control switch, radio switch we first look at the wireless remote control switch function, wireless remote control switch design using radio frequency identification technology, no direction, with the same type and other products will not cause any impact and interference High power, stable performance, low power consumption, radio switch large storage capacity, easy to use, and you can make lights or personal light, switches and remote control does not support the purchase, the user can freely choose, bit bit error rate is low Interference ability.

Install the simple wireless remote control switch, do not need to connect to the zero line, do not need any change lighting appliances can directly replace the original switch, radio switch power grid after the power failure, the switch will automatically shut down to avoid unnecessary waste of electricity, you can pay attention to all Family controlled intelligent remote control switch. In the style design also has a wide variety of options, you can use the wireless remote control switch with the traditional mechanical switch combination, simple.

Wireless remote control switch consists of transmitter and receiver combination, the transmitter through the coding control control keys, wireless optical switch modulation to the RF signal to send wireless signals can also be said to be encoder. The receiver receives the wireless signal encoded signal and then decodes it, obtains the signal corresponding to the control button, the radio switch, and then controls the corresponding circuit work, that is, the decoder. With the scientific and technological progress, wireless remote control switch in the field of industrial control and wireless intelligent home has been widely used.

With the scientific and technological progress of the wireless remote control switch type and function, according to the transmission control command signal carrier can be divided into: radio remote control, radio switch ultrasonic remote control, infrared remote control, according to the signal coding can be divided into: frequency coding and pulse coding, Can be divided into: multi-channel remote control and single-channel, according to the same time to send the number of different instructions can be divided into: single and multi-channel remote control, according to the command signal control target control technology can be divided into: remote control proportional

Daily more commonly used wireless remote control switch from the transmitter and receiver in two parts, the principle of its wireless remote control switch and acceptance and acceptance. Remote control module as the whole machine, the radio switch external leadership wiring pile head, remote control module as a component to use, the receiving part is superheterodyne radio and super regenerative receiving mode, radio switch super regenerative regeneration detection circuit, demodulation circuit, It is actually a running state in an intermittent oscillation.