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Wireless Light Switch Control Line
- Nov 06, 2017 -

1. Turn off the total knife switch.

2, prepare two double control switch (each double control switch has up, Wireless Light Switch down, right, three contact points); a red wire, for the front line, a blue wire, for 0 lines, a green wire, for the control line.

3, first, close the switch box of the two switches, Wireless Light Switch the two switches according to the normal status and height mounted to the wall, the top and bottom contacts of the two dual-control switches are connected with two green wires with two roots, while the two switches are placed on the side, and the contact point is consistent with the contact point, and the next contact point is made to make a round trip control line.

4, with a red wire, Wireless Light Switch the right touch of the downstairs switch, check that the wire does not collide, cover the outer cover of the switch box, then connect the wire to one of the wiring posts in the socket holder, and then use a blue wire to keep the other end of the socket.

5. The end of the blue wire that has been connected to the lamp has been coherent to 0 lines.

6. Find a red wire that is connected to the right touch of the switch upstairs. Wireless Light Switch If you are a novice, and you are the first to connect the switch circuit, then I suggest you in this line of the red wire on the coherent end of a 10-centimeter fuse, Wireless Light Switch and then the other end of the fuse to the right touch point of the switch, Then you keep the red wire to the front. The circuit is completely complete.

7, make sure that the fuse is coherent and strong, small heart close to the knife switch ... If you see that fuse fuse, the wire angry flower may hear the explosion sound, Wireless Light Switch you must immediately turn off the total knife switch, but when you find the total knife switch active disconnect, you should not be hard to close, because this is a short circuit cover signs. You should check the continuity of the circuit from the beginning. If there is no such thing, then you turn off the master switch, Wireless Light Switch then remove the fuse that was just received, Wireless Light Switch check that the wire is not touching the outer cover of the switch box, Wireless Light Switch and eventually make the red wire go straight to the front. Then the entire installation operation is implemented.  

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