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Wall Electric Socket Quantity
- Oct 23, 2017 -

In the decoration, it is necessary to set aside the number of power outlets, can not hold even if the fixed socket is not enough to use the idea of moving the socket, a large number of mobile outlet, when the current load increases, the mobile outlet will be abnormal due to abnormal high temperature, Wall Electric Socket Buried electric shock and electrical fire accident risks, and there are children at home, mobile outlet is a tiger's mouth.

TV wall socket at least 5 or more, and four or five holes of the socket to use, Wall Electric Socket because the TV, set-top boxes and other electrical appliances are two eyes, if the TV wall are all installed 5-hole socket (2 holes +3 holes) It is easy to find 2 holes are filled with 3 holes of the socket is rarely used;

To calculate the occluded plug, Wall Electric Socket some electrical plugs are relatively large (if the power of the phone, computer, router, etc.), it is necessary to consider plug in the 5-hole socket on the 3-hole position will be blocked, so consider If the number is not enough to use more socket;

Diagonal wall to be reserved for the socket, Wall Electric Socket in order to avoid future changes in the location of the furniture caused by the use of inconvenience, diagonal wall should be reserved for the socket, so no matter how the home layout changes are sure there are socket available;

Every 3 meters to be an outlet, most of our electrical power lines are 1.5 meters long, so every 3 meters are reserved for power outlets, so that both from the left or right are sure enough on the power outlet.

(1) can be set up with some of the switch socket, Wall Electric Socket so do not pull the plug and can cut off the power, it will not pull down the cable hanging affect the appearance, such as washing machine socket when you can not close,

(2) do not install the kitchen outlet above the stove to prevent overheating;

(3) to install the bathroom Yuba switch, Wall Electric Socket remember to stay a few centimeters of the location, because the switch is generally larger than the switch of the lamp, if not a little bit of trouble to install the trouble;

(4) Do not put the switch in a place close to the water, if installed in the open balcony remember with a switch socket dedicated splash cover;

(5) decoration, to take into account the bookcase, the cabinet lights the socket and the corresponding control switch;

(6) burglar alarm, gas alarm, wall-mounted LCD, Wall Electric Socket entrance lighting and other receptacles and the corresponding control switch is also easy to overlook the place, remember to reserve;

(7) to consider the use of each room vacuum cleaner socket, Wall Electric Socket there are special satellite power outlet, wall-mounted fish tank, etc., Wall Electric Socket anyway, more than the original socket is not enough than the last line to solve the beautiful line.