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Wall Electric Socket How To Change
- Oct 17, 2017 -

How to replace wall power socket

One, the reason that the socket is broken generally is two kinds of situation, one kind is the outlet of socket socket contact bad, one kind is the power cord that is behind the outlet panel is falsely connected. For the case of the socket contact, only the new outlet can be replaced, and the power cord can be repaired.

Ii. The tools needed for the maintenance of the socket

The tools needed to repair the terminal include wire strippers, screwdrivers, multimeter, test pens, and preferably a pair of insulating gloves. In addition to tools, prepare enough accessories, such as screws.

3. Steps for the maintenance of the socket

Step 1: remove the socket panel with a screwdriver;

Step 2: screw the screws on both sides of the socket with a screwdriver;

Step 3: if the power cord is virtual, the screw of the terminal can be tightened. If the new socket is replaced, the screw on the terminal can be screwed to the most loose, and the zero line, wire and ground wire are connected to the terminal. Mark the terminal of the letter L to connect the fire line, mark the terminal of the letter N to connect the zero line, another junction pole to connect the two color grounding line, remember not to hurt the wire core.

Step 4: the socket is in the fixed position, screw the left and right screws;

Step 5: before using the socket panel, you can open it and test it.

Step 6: if you can use it normally, you can install the socket.

4. Precautions for maintenance

1. It is not possible to connect the position of the zero line and the fire line to the wrong location, otherwise it may cause the connection accident.

2, the test socket to use, whether can use multimeter to test, can also use the cell phone charger, etc., insert the socket mouth, check the current situation, if the light is completely black, need to open it to review again, if the indicator, can be normal use.

3. Whether it is the maintenance or replacement of the socket and switch, the house should be closed before operation, and the test pen will be used for testing, and the maintenance operation will be confirmed without electricity