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Wall Electric Socket Have The Basic Quality
- Oct 18, 2017 -

As for the direction of the line, a qualified decoration team should first have the basic quality is for the sake of the owners. For example, can walk through the wall is not around the wall, Wall Electric Socket can not walk on the ground and so on. In this way, your heart is more practical, otherwise, also need to worry about their own more.

From the practical point of view reasonable arrangements switch, socket location, or after the end of the decoration you will feel awkward. For example: exhaust fan switch, Wall Electric Socket bathroom phone socket should be installed near the toilet, rather than installed in the bathroom door of the wall, we do not want to know why.

I see a lot of friends most of the socket are five holes, in fact, no need. Some fixed location of the special socket, such as refrigerators, washing machines, hoods, kitchen, Wall Electric Socket air conditioning, etc. completely unnecessary to buy 5 holes, 3 holes can be. Here to remind you, the general electrical appliances, in addition to ordinary TV, basically plug are three-phase (flat-panel TVs are three holes).

The main consideration two points: one is the household appliances "standby power consumption", the other is easy to use. My family used five "with a socket", the location is: washing machine socket, Wall Electric Socket electric water heater socket, the study of computer plug plug board socket, kitchen countertops two spare socket.

1, almost all of the household appliances have standby power consumption. In order to avoid frequent plug, similar to the washing machine socket, electric water heater socket such a relatively low frequency of electrical appliances can be considered with "with a switch socket."

2, if you think the rice cooker, electric kettle this type of electric equipment between the two tasks to pull out a lot of trouble, you can consider the kitchen counter in the spare socket in the use of "with a switch socket."

3, the study of the computer with a plug-in board can basically solve the computer that a large string of plug, and in order to avoid every day stick to the bottom of the desk according to plug-in power supply, Wall Electric Socket I installed a desk opposite the "with a switch socket."

This section reminds you in advance to communicate with her family's oil workers and tiles in advance. After the transformation of the circuit, the location of the abandoned cartridge will be marked out of the electrician, and for the useful cartridge you have to pay special attention, Wall Electric Socket and sometimes encountered more confused oil workers and tile workers will put some useful cartridge to plug.

TV can be installed or not installed, and now young people generally do not like TV, but the network is a must. But if the parents at home, it is best to install TV in the room, Wall Electric Socket because the elderly like to watch TV.

TV wall socket at least 5 or more, and four or five holes of the socket to use, because the TV, set-top boxes and other electrical appliances are two eyes, if the TV wall are all installed 5-hole socket (2 holes +3 holes) It is easy to find 2 holes are filled with 3 holes of the socket is rarely used;

To calculate the occluded plug, some electrical plugs are relatively large (if the power of the phone, computer, router, etc.), it is necessary to consider plug in the 5-hole socket on the 3-hole position will be blocked, Wall Electric Socket so consider If the number is not enough to use more socket;

Diagonal wall to be reserved for the socket, in order to avoid future changes in the location of the furniture caused by the use of inconvenience, diagonal wall should be reserved for the socket, Wall Electric Socket so no matter how the home layout changes are sure there are socket available;

Every 3 meters to be an outlet, most of our electrical power lines are 1.5 meters long, so every 3 meters are reserved for power outlets, so that both from the left or right are sure enough on the power outlet.